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Rafting in Nepal

From scenic floats to white water conquering exciting rapids and bouncy waves

View Nepal offers Rafting in various Himalayan Rivers of Nepal. One of the most exciting adventure in water sports with thrills and relaxation in the comfort of camping on soft virgin sandy beaches or in nice riverside resorts.

All Rafting lead by our expert River guides with full safety measures providing you with helmets, life jackets and water proof bags and containers to keep your valuables camera etc………..

Rafting: Scenic and White Water Rapids:

1: Bhote Kosi River Rafting:

A day to 2 days of fun and excitement Bhote Kosi also known as upper SunKosi, the torrent white water river of Bhote Kosi flows from the mighty Himalayan range of Tibet and Nepal, the source of this fast running river starts from various tributaries glacial lakes and ponds of central Himalayan mountain range.

2. Trisuli River Rafting:

We run from day to 2 days or more, this river flows from Mt.Ganesh and Langtang all the way to Chitwan National Park and finally joins at Ganges around Gangetic plains of India. Trisuli popular and famous river for rafting, as the river runs by the main highway, includes all the thrills, excitement with view of scenic landscape, flora and fauna, Trisuli has friendly rapids and an ideal trip for all from beginners, family and birdwatchers to adventurer.

Whitewater Expeditions:

03:       Major Rafting Expeditions on Sun Kosi River:

We operate from week to more of 10 days packed with frills & thrills in the" river of gold" considered as top 10 rafting rivers in the world.

A short drive from Kathmandu toward Dolalghat, a small town on the road to Tibet, from here starts our adventure with gentle rapids on first few days, as our adventure continues with skill and progresses getting ready encountering mighty, wild roller coaster rapids, all the way till to an end on fertile Ganges plains of southern Nepal from the take off few hour drive to Biratnagar for the flight back to Kathmandu.

4:       Marysangdi “The Raging River” 2-3 Days Rafting. 

A thrilling and challenging white-water rafting river in mid west of Nepal, this rafting involves few days trek to reach put in point beneath Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna II and Lamjung, where our adventure begins where turbulent river churns and bubbles below. The river section from our starting point, gives more than double exhilarating white water rapids with technical rafting test of your ability with excellent team work on ever exciting, raging Marysangdi River.

5:       Karnali “The Big Bend” with 12 Days trip.

The mightiest river in remote far-west Nepal, on this trip trekking for few days with our equipment to isolated and seldom explored areas of Nepal, then descend into series of magnificent gorges, tropical jungle, deserted beaches and rural farm villages with full of thrills in this exceptional big volume of white water rapids on the big bend of Karnali.

6:       Classic Kali-Gandaki for 5 Days.

A great river flows from remote and high Mustang Himal through deepest ravine of the world between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massive range.

Kali-Gandaki offers mighty waves and sandy beaches and rapids like Leopards Jump and Devils shake, with many more exciting white water thrills as you float down stream.

The Rafting trip starts with a drive to Seti Dovan from Pokhara the pace of the trip is supplemented with abrupt drops with spectacular village's terraces with sorrel Himalayan back drop.

7:       The Seti River “The Milky Way” for 2- 3 Days

A mild and exciting Set River where white warm water meanders through limestone gorges naming as Seti (white) a short duration trip running away from hustle, bustle off the main highway traffic.

Seti River has friendly rapids and is an ideal trip for beginners, family and birdwatchers.

Besides above famous and popular River Rafting or for Kayaking we organize other rivers in remote of Nepal on request with tailor made itinerary programs to suit your interest and delights.

On strong and fast rivers we provide Kayak for support as safety measures and rescue.

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